Aston Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Aston Neeighbors Helping Neighbors

The harsh reality is that not all the residents of Aston can afford to keep food on the table year round. These people are our customers, friends, employees, and most of all our neighbors. In an effort to help those who have fallen on hard times the Neighbors Helping Neighbors food bank was set up.  Housed at The Community Center, and ramping up efforts during the holiday season, this program has been a great success and has helped many Aston residents.

Our organization understands that we live in a proud community and often people who are truly in need may be reluctant to accept or ask for “a hand out”. NHN is here to offer “a hand up” because that is what a good neighbor does! If you know of a neighbor that may be in need of some assistance, or if you or a member of your family is in need of some assistance due to a unfortunate turn of events, Aston Neighbors Helping Neighbors wants to help.  Please contact us to learn more. Your personal information and the identity of any recipients of our kind gestures will remain complete private.

We are your neighbors, give us a call.

Maggie Berry